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A good support team makes sure new reps are properly hired and onboarded, your agents and other staff get paid correctly and on time, your clients are happy and get all the reporting they need from you, and that you get the reports you need to make solid business decisions in a timely fashion. However, really good back office support can be, well… expensive.

You have someone collecting new rep information and sending it wherever it needs to go, as well as ensuring ongoing compliance with background checks, drug tests, training, certificates etc. Then you have someone else interpreting your sales data, running macros, creating pivot tables, and generally distributing reports. And for larger marketing companies, you probably have another person or three dedicated to payroll, commission calculation, and distribution. Anytime you add new clients or initiatives, you have to add more hours or even more people! And pretty soon the expense and headache of having to manage all those people gets in the way of what you are REALLY called to do as a company. Which is to Recruit, Train, Retain, and SELL for your clients!

At Direct Sales Solutions LLC, we understand exactly what you’re going through. We also understand that outsourcing some or all of your back office support is a tough decision. Fortunately, we have helped many clients to make this transition successfully and seamlessly. Our clients have more control over the entire life cycle of their organization.

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